Nikao Psychology

Nikao is a Greek word meaning “to have victory over,” “to conquer,” or “to overcome.”

Life can be full of challenges, but through utilizing one’s strengths clients can overcome the challenges that can lead them to build confidence, and become stronger than before.

At Nikao we strive to thoroughly understand clients’ challenges and strengths. We collaborate with clients to identify and achieve effective, creative, and unique solutions in order to overcome the challenges they are facing. In working with couples, we try to make the process of counselling rewarding and enjoyable, for both partners by helping them to foster greater appreciation for each other while at the same time working to resolve areas of conflict.

Areas of Specialization:

Anxiety     Depressions     Assertiveness     Body Image     Eating Disorders
Self Esteem     Stress Reduction     Trauma     Postpartum Depression     Parenting     Relationship Counselling